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Plastizer and Textile Productions

CECO Filters is global leader and pioneer in developing and innovating Mist Elimination Technology for the Plastizer and Textiles Industry. With 40 years’ experience, we have actively developed and enhanced our technology to meet the requirements. Our long-standing experience provides our customers with a comprehensive mist elimination solution to boost process operations and meet emission control regulations. We offer functional and long-lasting filtration solutions to customers worldwide.  

Typical Plastizer and Textile Industry  

  • vinyl coated and linoleum flooring  
  • vinyl coated wallpaper 
  • synthetic leather  
  • laminated sheets 
  • foam products  

Our complete ‘Turnkey’ package systems are designed to meet different capacities and eradicate the environmental emissions for each problem. Our systems are end of line exhaust abatement packages, which removes harmful volatile compounds given off from direct or indirect drying in ovens. Our design philosophy and advanced technology allows all our customers to have a product specific solution which is tailored to the client’s process. 


  • Meets environmental regulations and limits emissions of pollutants 
  • ‘Turnkey’ package systems
  • Tailored to meet client specifications
  • Guaranteed high performance efficiency 
  • Low pressure drop 
  • Low cost solutions
  • Problem solving results
  • Simplified maintenance 
  • Long filter life – Reduced operating costs and downtime


  • In-house knowledge and engineering experience
  • Global facilities for manufacturing
  • Optimized solutions to meet requirements
  • Standard and custom-designed configurations
  • High quality manufacturing standards and procedures
  • Expedited services available
  • Manufactured in a variety of corrosion resistant materials (Metals and Plastics)


  • After-sale support
  • Commissioning services
  • Repair, upgrade and repacking services
  • Technical Consultancy


Plastizer and Textile Productions from CECO Filters

CECO Filters has been an industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of mist elimination products for nearly half a century. We employ state-of-the-art design and engineering strategies to develop innovations in the collection and containment of particulates and liquids in gas streams. CECO Filters build the premier filtration systems for the marketplace. Industries worldwide use CECO products to make certain their gas streams are liquid- and particulate-free.

The expert engineers at CECO design the finest filtration solutions for the finest companies. And we don’t stop at engineering. CECO personnel can install and maintain every filtration solution we build, so your equipment will perform flawlessly from day one.

We recognize the crucial importance of a reliable filtration system. The hazards of uncollected and uncontained particles are well documented, but you can rest easy knowing that CECO Filters is with you for each part of the process. Your facility needs a filtration solution that works hard day in and day out; so if there is a problem, our staff can help you fix it. We offer top-of-the-line, cost-effective filtration solutions that will give your company the edge. By choosing CECO Filters, you will see why so many industries rely on our filter solutions to keep their facilities running smoothly.