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Celebrates and Commemorates the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

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Earth Day Message

On this historic 50th anniversary of Earth Day, many of us may be celebrating from home as we come together by being apart to flatten the curve for COVID-19. Instead of participating in planned tree plantings, park clean-ups, climate change marches and other public events, companies and individuals are now staying home and moving their Earth Day celebrations online. Even in these unprecedented and uncertain times, we must keep the protection of our natural resources at the forefront, and the work to improve our air quality and environment begins with each of us individually. At the enterprise level, businesses also have a responsibility to provide safe, clean and healthy operations that protect our shared environment. That’s why we, at CECO Environmental, are proud to work with companies every day to help solve the challenges that come with the demands of industrial progress – from improving their operational efficiency and environmental compliance to asset protection and workforce safety. It’s how we celebrate Earth Day, every day. And its our purpose, always. In fact, in just the last thirty years of our company’s 150-year history, we’ve helped remove more than six billion pounds of nitrogen oxides through our system installations – the equivalent of taking 1.6 million medium-sized cars off the road. As we look to the future, we know that continued innovations in technology and customized solutions will be critical to helping companies balance their growth and progress with the responsible stewardship of resources and sustainable operations. We are committed to helping reduce environmental impact for our customers so that together, we can create a sustainable future for generations to come. To our employees, customers and stakeholders, thank you for being part of the solution. And on behalf of CECO Environmental, I wish you a safe, healthy and happy Earth Day.

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