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Burgess-Aarding is part of CECO Environmental, a multi- division company focused on the design and manufacturing of component equipment used in environmental and flue gas handling applications.

Burgess-Aarding has supplied a wide variety of silencer products for industrial applications since the early 1920’s and was the very first company to offer a commercially produced acoustic reduction component to the market.

Our customers are gas turbine manufacturers (OEM), boiler suppliers, power producers, EPC contractors or end users. Whether a problem can be solved from our standard products line or needs a tailor made solution, Burgess-Aarding takes control from design to installation. Even for complex turn-key retrofit projects. We have an expert staff of engineers and highly skilled welder assemblers in numerous locations in Americas, Europe and Asia.

Today, with approx. 50,000 acoustical solutions designed and installed at facilities worldwide, factories on every major continent and with more acoustical experts on staff then any other competitor, we are recognized in the industry as the #1 silencer company in the world. With this experi- ence along with our continued research and product development efforts, we offer the widest selection of acoustical solutions to meet any noise problem that you may encounter.

The current market environment is pushing the operational conditions of Industrial Gas Turbine systems to its limits. High cycling (high numbers of starts and stops) as well as high local flue gas velocities and temperatures are putting large stresses on the exhaust gas systems. Environmental regulations require stringent and lower noise levels on gas & steam turbine driven systems as well as on petrochemical applications.

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Burgess-Aarding vent silencers are typically used in conjunction with a relief/safety or start up type valve. Applications are in heat recovery systems, steam boilers, and at oil/gas/chemical processing plants. The Burgess-Aarding vent silencer effectively eliminates unwanted noise at the source and provides for low sound level discharge to the atmosphere.

Burgess-Aarding vent silencers are custom sized and designed for each and every application ensuring the best acoustical perfor- mance and can be designed for as low as 500 kg/hr (1,100 lbs/hr) to upwards and exceeding half a million kg/hr (1.1 million lbs/hr).

Applications: Safety and relief valves, gas vents, process gas blowdowns, boiler start up and purge, switch valves, drain and atmospheric blowdown tanks.

Our silencers can be designed to vent virtually any gas for example:

  • Steam
  • Natural Gas
  • Nitrogen
  • Air
  • Hydrogen mixed gases
  • Oxygen

Commissioning Silencers

Burgess-Aarding commissioning silencers are designed for tem- porary usage to vent down high velocity steam or air and to collect and remove possible debris (tools, weld slag, etc., ) present during new pipeline construction that could cause damage to downstream equipment once the pipeline is commissioned and the equipement (turbine, fans, compressors, etc.,) is installed. Our standard model is designed to vent over half a million kg/hr (1.1 million lbs/hr) of steam and provides 35-40 decibels of noise reduction. Additional noise reduction in total noise is achievable by way of an acoustical splitter package installed at the outlet of the silencer. This design with splitter package can provide for over 50 decibles of noise reduction. The silencer is skidded for shipment and installation on a flat ground.

In-line Diffusers / Spargers

The Burgess Aarding in-line diffuser/sparger assembly is a drilled pipe component and is designed to reduce the noise typically associated with pressure reducing valve applications. These designs are especially effective when used in combination with a valve to achieve and/or share the total pressure drop required by the system. It also is effective in dissipating high energy noise and reshaping the frequency spectrum, shifting the peak frequency to a higher octave band therefore reducing the total emitted noise.

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Reactive Silencers

Low to medium frequency noise reduction for:
+ Intake and exhaust of reciprocating engines
+ Discharge of rotary blowers and vacuum pumps
+ Exhaust for reciprocating engines in marine use

Gas flows through an arrangement of ported tubes and chambers which attenuates the noise over a wide frequency.

Water Separator / Silencers

+ Separator / Silencers for water sealed-vacuum blowers + 99% of the free liquids are removed
centrifugally in the separation section.

The Burgess-Aarding design removes liquids and prevents noise. Gas flow passes through a separation section, a ported tube and snubbing chamber which attenuates the noise over a wide frequency range.

Flue Gas Silencers

Medium to high frequency noise reduction
at low pressure drop for:
+ Hot or cold exhaust stacks, single cycle or bypass
(from 1,5m (60 inches) up to 10m (390 inches) diameter) + Ducts (Square or round)

Gas flows through a Patented rectangular splitter section lined with perforated metal and backed by multiple layers of sound absorbing materials.

Acoustical Shrouds

With increasing noise restriction requirements and the installation of large power plants close to cities and neighborhoods, acoustical panels provide an effective and economical acoustical treatment for large surface areas. These panels and lagging are particularly well suited for large surface areas like HRSG’s and their inlet ducts.

Our “sandwich” design of panel is 50 to 150mm (2 to 6 inches) thick (depending on acoustical requirements) and consists of a steel galvanized in- and outside skin, acoustical filler and a perforated steel. The acoustical panels are supplied cut to size and marked, and installed with an easy interlock system with all adjacent panels. The panels are approx. 1,2m x 6m (4ft x 20ft) and will be horizontal mounted. Due to the complexity of these large projects we support you with 1-2 days in office support by our best engineers, to make sure our product meets your system requirements. Support includes engineering design review meetings and CAD-modeling of our shroud to the customers structure if required. 

Blowdown Separator / Silencers

The Burgess-Aarding Blowdown Silencer / Separators are instal- led at Natural Gas Compressor Stations, storage facilities, and Midstream Processing Plants to provide a means of reducing the noise generated by the rapid venting of compressed gas to atmosphere either during a scheduled maintenance blowdown or an emergency blowdown scenario while also removing suspended liquids from the gas stream prior to being expelled to the atmosphere.

Burgess-Aarding engineers can properly size and incorporate a restriction orifice to be installed upstream of the silencer to control the blowdown time period and/or control the rate of initial blowdown if required to protect the compressor unit from damage caused by a rapid decompression.

Available options with the Burgess-Aarding Blowdown Silencer / Separators include the restriction orifice, a double-domed weatherhood to minimize the potential from rain collecting in the silencer while also allowing for the gas to escape unencumbered to atmosphere, a liquid collection sump with liquid level gauge and/or liquid level switch, and a drain valve to drain the collected liquids.
The silencer / separator can be sized to a specified height and/ or exit diameter to optimize the exit velocity to ensure a safe dispersion of the gas into the atmosphere.

Filter Silencer, Series A and B Air Intake Cleaning for Engines, Compressors, Blowers, and Turbines

Burgess-Aarding standard Filter/Silencers (BMF) are designed for use on the air intakes compressors, blowers, engines and gas turbines.

Burgess-Aarding standard models in the A and B Series offers sizes ranging from 2.500 to 81.500m3/hr (1,500 to 48,000 CFM) with either single or dual stage filtration. Efficiencies range from 72% to 99% AC fine.

The assemblies can reduce intake noise from the source by up to 14 decibles and if additional acoustic reduction is required, other Burgess-Aarding filter silencer elements can be added to the installation.

The Series A housing is designed to accept a conventional 50mm (2 inches) deep single filter element or for critical services, two 50mm (2 inches) deep filter elements in series.

The B Series B housing is designed to accept a 300mm (12 inches) deep, high efficiency single filter element. An additional 50mm (2 inches) deep pre-filter element can be used in series if required.

When it is time to change out a filter element, unique spring loading catches simplify the removal and replacement of these elements with the most common filter elements stocked by Burgess-Aarding for quick assembly and shipment directly to the jobsite.

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