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CECO HEE-Duall has been helping the microelectronics industry for decades by providing reliable scrubbers, fans and pumps to maintain air quality compliance. But when customers in the semiconductor industry came to us asking for more, we answered the call.

Our CECO Adwest VOC Abatement Team of Zeolite Rotary Concentrators with Thermal Oxidizer (RCTO) has expanded our concentrator portfolio to provide compact, skid mounted Zeolite concentrator for the semiconductor and microelectronics markets. Our 20 years of experience with industrial concentrator systems has allowed CECO to invest a significant amount of time and resources into developing the optimum Zeolite Rotor design and package with our expanded CECO team to provide right technology for high efficiency concentration of VOCs and HAPs from the semiconductor industry with up to 99% VOC DRE. Our CECO Adwest brand can provide our thermal oxidizer technology on skid mounted shop assembled modules in both recuperative and regenerative thermal oxidizer models for any concentrator application.   All systems also have integrated PLC Controls with on line real time ethernet diagnostic capabilities and plant record keeping.

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Understanding the challenges and solution gaps that our existing customers face was the first step to building better technology. With their help along with our vendor partnerships, we have made significant improvements that will expand the efficiency and life cycle of RCTOs.

High Temperature Desorption

With proper care and maintenance, this high temperature desorption feature will help your equipment last longer through periodic cleaning of the microporous Zeolite media via desorption at an elevated temperature. Similar to a self-cleaning bake out setting on your home oven, this feature volatilizes sticky and high boiler hydrocarbons that may have built up over time on the honeycomb surface of the zeolite concentrator wheels.

Zeolite Concentrator

Keeping equipment clean goes a long way when it comes to extending their life cycle and reducing downtime. Using high temperature desorption, our Zeolite concentrator helps keep your RCTO running well for a long lifecycle. The heart of any concentrator system is the media and CECO Adwest’s Zeolite Wheel provides the lowest pressure drops, highest VOC control with a shop assembled and balanced Zeolite rotor system with total access for inspections. Our high efficiency Zeolite Rotors have been installed on hundreds of microelectronics facilities since 1997 with thousands installed worldwide on other difficult industrial applications

This is just one way we are helping businesses reduce equipment downtime and ensure our equipment functions as needed. But there are many more.

CECO: Your Air Quality “Superstore”
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As a trusted partner and supplier of reliable semiconductor scrubbers, fans, pumps and now Zeolite VOC Concentrator RCTOs, we understand the entire process of air quality control compliance in this industry. We now offer complete solutions for both acid fume, VOC and solvent exhaust abatement.

Knowing what you need and how each piece of equipment works together allows us to offer more solutions with a consultative approach and deliver the most efficient custom solutions for clean air semiconductor manufacturing.

We work with some of the largest semiconductor and wafer fab manufacturers in the world and are aware of the overall needs and challenges in this market. CECO Industrial Solutions can help companies simplify their air pollution equipment processes, including retrofit and aftermarket services.

The Team Who Understands Your Needs

To best serve the semiconductor industry, we built a team who understands the ins and outs of air quality control, as well as the constant change and new technology that affect the environmental needs specific to the industry.

Jared Wilken: As the key account manager, Jared will take the time to understand exactly what you need and create that custom solution that will keep your business running.

Brendan Boutilier: A brilliant application engineer, Brendan has taken the lead on engineering of the most efficient RCTOs in semiconductors and advanced manufacturing.

Brian Cannon: CECO Adwest’s Vice President Sales has been involved in the sales, installation and customer service of RTO, Recuperative, Catalytic, DFTO and VOC Concentrator systems over the past 43 years focused solely on cost effective VOC and odor abatement.

Craig Brackman: A highly experienced application engineer for CECO HEE-Duall with extensive knowledge in the world of HAP abatement with scrubbers, pumps, and fans.

Jeff Yerkes: Committed to finding ways for constant improvement, Jeff is CECO Adwest’s technical manager dedicated to our thermal solutions product portfolio with over 42 years of application, technical, service, design, installation and product improvement expertise. Has extensive experience with RTO Oxidizers, VOC Concentrators, DFTOs, DFTOs and flare technologies

Scott Ham: Every team needs the tech to keep it smart, and Scott is the brains that keeps us connected more efficiently with each of our clients via ethernet diagnostics and real time troubleshooting of any concentrator or oxidizer system.

Thomas Frosell: As the director of new product development, Thomas manages a team that is currently developing additions and improvements to our Industrial Solutions group to better serve our customers.

Teaming up with experienced vendors and listening to feedback and needs of our existing customers makes our team even more equipped to bringing the most efficient air quality solutions to the semiconductor industry.

Contact us today at and let us know how we can help you solve your air quality control issues.

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