Living Earth Day Every Day

At CECO Environmental we take pride in helping our customers solve new challenges that helps protect our shared environment.

Eliminating Carbon and other Toxic Emissions Along the Supply Chain

Working at CECO Environmental allows me to work with a team that treats every day as Earth Day. And, I couldn’t be prouder.

How is this possible?

Across the globe, we help our customers reduce carbon and other harmful toxic emissions from the air. For more than 15 years, one of our technology brands, CECO Peerless, has served the energy market through our system installations to reduce more than 6 billion pounds of nitrogen oxides (NOx) for more than 820 customer locations. That’s 6 billion pounds – equal to more 1.6 million medium-sized cars.

We have a tremendous opportunity to look across the entire supply chain: energy generation, transportation, manufacturing and production. By combining multiple technologies, CECO can help detail the synergies in emissions and tackle problems one by one. Together, we’ve developed innovative problem-solving solutions for the challenges of environmental air pollution control, energy, fluid handling and filtration.

Simply put: Our mission, along with our brand promise, is to help protect our shared environment.

Here’s how we do it:

  • More efficient, electric power generation: From solid fuel or natural gas, efficiency is one of the first steps in emissions reduction. The more efficient the process, the less fuel used per kilowatt, and the less CO2 emitted. Not to mention there are multiple ways to reduce exhaust or eliminate emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and NOx with technologies such as SCR, SCNR, and other solutions involved in the process.
  • Breathe easy, breathe clean: By reducing VOCs and other particulates in manufacturing, several of our innovative solutions such as scrubbers, separators and cyclones are important to maintain the safety of the plant air for workers and protect the wider environment.
  • Propelling power, propelling processes: Typically, pumps can be one of the first points of failure and leakage within pipelines and fluid process systems because their drives can be damaged by corrosion. Centrifugal magnetic pumps solve this problem by using magnetic force from outside the pipe, and use of materials like resin coatings minimizes corrosion which adds extra protection from leaks that protect the environment.

We can dramatically achieve cleaner, safer air for future generations. At CECO Environmental, we take pride in helping our customers solve new challenges and provide a more efficient supply chain that helps protect our shared environment.

At CECO Environmental, Earth Day is every day. 365/24/7.



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