Environmental Business Journal Interviews CECO Experts

Environmental Business Journal interviews CECO experts Jeremias Schreyer and Jared Wilken about groundbreaking solutions for managing air pollution.

CECO Environmental is a publicly traded company with a 2018 revenue of $337.3M. The organization holds 20 brands globally, all focused towards promoting a cleaner planet for future generations while providing an optimal customer experience with over 150 years of industry expertise.

CECO manufactures and sells pollution control equipment solutions including, but not limited to dust collection, fugitive emissions filtration, scrubbers, cyclones, separators, mist eliminators, De-NOx SCR & SNCR, silencers, oxidizers, metal strip cooling and drying, VOC concentrators, pumps, fume capture and exhaust, and professional field services. Their corporate office is based out of Dallas, Texas, but the company has offices around the globe with about 1,000 employees.

Jeremias Schreyer is a Business Development Manager for CECO’s Industrial Solutions. Mr. Schreyer leads CECO’s Industrial Solutions segment’s market analyses, industry focus, and go-to-market strategies to provide safe, clean, and more efficient solutions for industrial air quality improvement.

Jared Wilken is a Territory Sales Manager for CECO’s Industrial Solutions. Jared leads CECO’s Industrial Solution Semiconductor market with focus on innovation and energy efficiency.