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Standard Adjustable Ducting Sleeve

Our KB Duct Adjustable Ducting Sleeve is infinitely adjustable, ensuring the ductwork can be installed quickly, hitting every dimension and point needed.

A field fitting adjustment is made by cutting a standard 5′ duct section, sliding the O-ring over the raw end of the pipe, and slipping the Adjustable Sleeve over the cut end. The supplied O-ring replaces the rolled bead of the cut 5′ duct section and secures the sleeve into place when clamped. 

Our Infinite Adjustability feature is standard with all KB Duct fittings. A cut 5′ duct section can be slipped into the collar of a fitting and secured into place with an O-ring when clamped. Additional O-rings may be needed when utilizing this feature.

  • One (1) O-ring is supplied with each adjustable sleeve
  • Add “HT” to the part number to order Red Silicone O-rings with your Adjustable Sleeve
  • If using Stainless Steel add an “SS” to the end of the part number


  • Quickly make adjustments to fit any length of spaced needed
  • Adjustable collars are standard on all fittings for critical short adjustments (applicable only on standard gauge duct/fittings for clamp duct)


  • Material integrity – Premium quality materials for even the most abrasive applications


KB Duct Standard Adjustable Ducting Sleeve

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